Maya Radoccia-Kennen,
Lactation Consultant

The needs of breastfeeding families stretch from pregnancy to infancy and even through toddlerhood. I have developed a strong understanding of successful breastfeeding through a combination of professional development and personal experience. My clinical experience first began as a social worker for at-risk new families in rural Arizona. This soon sparked an interest in the field of lactation as I watched moms struggle and fail in her attempts to breastfeed for lack of professional support.

I became an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant in 2010 and began working as such at Flagstaff Medical Center. As a mother of 3 breastfed children, I have experienced the many joys and benefits of breastfeeding. I have also experienced many of the real life challenges like sleep deprivation, breast infections, breastfeeding a NICU baby, postpartum depression and pumping and working to name a few. 

  • Member International Lactation Consultant Association

  • Member United States Lactation Consultant Association

  • Certified by the International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners

Maya can be reached directly at the FBWC office at 928-556-0000.

Breastfeeding resources

Flagstaff Breastfeeding Center @ FBWC desires to be a place where families can come to find answers to their breastfeeding questions or concerns in a comfortable, home-like environment where your comfort is essential and time to really address your needs are paramount.

We are excited to have Maya here providing care to families in the community, no matter where you gave birth. In addition, we have a pediatric naturopathic physician, Dr. Melissa Gibbons, who performs in-house frenotomy procedures (for tongue and lip ties).  All the midwives at FBWC have extensive training in lactation support and have precriptive authority if that should become necessary.  

Melissa Gibbons is a Naturopathic Doctor and midwife. Originally from the Southwest, she graduated from Bastyr University in Seattle, WA with her Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine and then went back to receive her Master's of Science in Midwifery. She became a naturopathic physician because of her belief in the body’s ability to heal itself and her desire to support people on their paths to health and healing. As a primary care physician, she can address a variety of issues, from annual exam and well child/pediatric visits to chronic illnesses and fertility. She became an advanced practice midwife in order to help guide women and their families through the childbearing cycle. In her free time, she enjoys dancing, rock climbing, and knitting. 


Dr. Melissa can be reached directly for pediatrics and/or frenotomy evaluation and procedure at 505-231-4760.

Dr. Melissa Gibbons, ND, MSM
Naturopathic Physician and Midwife