How to Become a Donor

Who donates their milk?
Milk donors are the foundation of our milk donation center. Donors are healthy women who choose to donate extra milk for the good of other babies. Donors must have a healthy lifestyle and blood test to rule out infectious diseases. 
How can I become a milk donor?
Donating is easy! The first step is an in-depth phone screening with a representative from Mothers' Milk Bank and a simple blood test performed at FBWC. Finally, pick up or deliver any supplies you need, pump extra milk and then bring your donation to Flagstaff  Breastfeeding Center @ FBWC. 
Information, blood testing and drop off is located at Flagstaff Breastfeeding Center @ FBWC during normal business hours, Monday - Thursday 9:00am to 5:00pm. For more information or to get started on the process of  donation, please call 928-556-0000.